Why You Need To Care About Local SEO

History of Marketing

More and more people are turning to the internet for answers to everything from relationship advice to career guidance. This presents an amazing opportunity for businesses to get their brand in front of consumers in ways we never thought would have been possible. However, it can also hurt businesses who are not capitalizing on the latest trend.

In a different world, one was able to have no website or online presence and still be a leader in their market. All it took was a few Yellow Page ads and a radio or TV commercial and you could dominate your local market.

These days it seems like you need to hire a Phoenix web design firm, a marketing firm, and 20 other firms just to get a few clients from the internet. It can be flustering for the average business owner to try and compete with big brands when it comes to marketing.

The Reality of Local SEO

However, local SEO levels the playing field for the smaller companies due to its unique algorithm. Google does not give value to bigger brands when it comes to local SEO. For instance, if one wanted to implement a Phoenix Local SEO strategy, they could do so without breaking the bank.

Business owners need to start embracing these online trends instead of running away from them. A business can see a much better ROI these days than ever before from digital marketing.

In addition to the amazing ROI, we have never had the ability to track, measure, and compare our marketing efforts until now. Business owners and marketing managers can literally see how old, the location of, and so much more of their customers. They can also see exactly how their customers and clients found them in order to scale those marketing efforts.

At the end of the day, digital marketing is something small business owners should embrace instead of run away from.


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